Andrea Bloom
Pleasanton, CA, United States
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I live by the motto "Pack-it-In" by making the most of each day whether that be with my family, friends, work, community or when traveling. I derive my energy from doing more -- I plan on being a centenarian!
Words That Move Me

I was introduced to the U.S. nonprofit organization SHE-CAN by a community member when I was asked to participate in the group's mentoring program. I just fell in love with this organization, as SHE-CAN (Supporting Her Education Changes A Nation) focuses on rebuidling former war-torn countries through bringing young female scholars to the United States for college. These young...Read More

Amidst all of the beauty and privilege that surrounds us in the San Francisco Bay Area and Alameda County where I live in Pleasanton with my family, 1 in 5 people is served by the Alameda County Food Bank. Healthy food in adequate supply is an absolute requirement to support human health and a functioning democracy. So many people in the U.S. are not able to access healthy food...Read More