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Battling Diabetes With Healthy Bites

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Amidst all of the beauty and privilege that surrounds us in the San Francisco Bay Area and Alameda County where I live in Pleasanton with my family, 1 in 5 people is served by the Alameda County Food Bank.

Healthy food in adequate supply is an absolute requirement to support human health and a functioning democracy. So many people in the U.S. are not able to access healthy food because of numerous barriers in the way that are not the cause of their own doing. 

I was delighted to have met Kathryn Weber of the Alameda County Food Bank (that's her in the photo on the right and me on the left) and deliver to her a case of Organic Cereal to be used for distribution to Food Bank clients. Low-income households are disproportionately affected by diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is why it is so important to make food donations that are healthy and to donate to Food Banks that have aggressive nutrition policies.

Having been in the diabetes management and prevention field since 1993, I was delighted that Kathryn told me that the Alameda Food Bank is one of three Food Banks nationwide to participate in the Feeding America Intervention Trial for Health, a groundbreaking clinical trial examining the effect of hunger relief on helping low-income individuals control Type 2 diabetes. For two years, participants will receive diabetes-appropriate food through the Alameda County Food Bank.

Not only is the Alameda County Food Bank contributing to the health of the community, the Food Bank is supporting leading-edge nutrition research that can be translated across all income levels.

By Andrea Bloom, Pleasanton, CA, United States

  • Michael Edward Lenert I suspect few people are aware that hunger exists in such a wealthy part of the world. Thanks for bringing that fact to our attention and for helping to feed the hungry.
  • Scott Doggett Such a thoughtful and lovely act of kindness, from such a thoughtful and compassionate person. Thank you Andrea for posting this splendid KiVi!
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