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Stuff of Dreams for These Orphans

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The orphaned boy read his homework out loud in excited bursts. A nun stood beside him, nodding her approval. I smiled.

Most of Mexico’s orphans live nightmarish lives. The Mexican Commission to Defend and Promote Human Rights has exposed conditions at government institutions for orphans as “extremely inhumane” and the U.S.-based Disability Rights International says many Mexican orphans in the "care" of child-welfare authorities are forced into slavery or prostitution.

In contrast, Villa Infantil Guadalupe y San Jose, a church-run orphanage near Guadalajara, Mexico, buzzed with happy children riding swings, climbing a jungle gym (pictured), kicking a soccer ball, and teasing each other over snacks.

A Google search had turned up this home to 23 abused, abandoned or orphaned children, ages 4 months to 16 years, and its website listed its needs: shampoo, bath soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and all-purpose cleaning soap.

I arrived by taxi and passed boxes filled with these necessities to staff members. The head nun thanked me graciously and another took me on a tour of the orphanage’s clean, brightly colored rooms. I left Villa Infantil wishing all of Mexico’s orphans were as fortunate as the ones I encountered on a gloriously sunny day “south of the border.”

By Susan Englen, San Francisco, California, United States

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Kindness Partner's Information
Name Villa Infantil Guadalupe y San Jose
Street Address Off Highway 15, on shore side of Lake Chapala
City Between San Pedro Tesistan and nearby San Cristobal
State/province Jalisco
Country Mexico
Post Code Unknown
Contact Sister Maria Calderon
Contact's Title Director
Phone (land) 3471-2721 and (cell) 33-3197-8665
Email and
Source Found doing Google search for orphanages near Lake Chapala
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