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It's 'One Cat or Two?' at This Cafe

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During our daily routine we focus on ourselves so much that we often forget there are other beings who need to be loved besides us. Sometimes we spend our days or years not even thinking about sharing love with others. 

KitTea Cat Cafe is one of the perfect ways to remind us how to love and how to share this love with adorable cats and kittens. The idea of spending time with rescued kitties—most were very ill, some even close to death when they were brought in off the streets—and giving them much-needed love is an amazing experience.  

Even though I have lived alone for the last six years in various cities—Istanbul, Paris and, presently, San Francisco—I haven't had the chance to open my doors to any friends who need a home. Now, I'm finally beginning to feel like settling down. However, this time my landlord and I aren’t on the same page.

I grew up in Istanbul, a city filled with cat lovers who think nothing of feeding strays and often do. Indeed, feral cat that's nothing but skin and bones is a very rare sight in that Turkish city. Since moving to San Francisco, I'm always thinking, Where are all the all cats? Who is taking care of them? Even though I'm now living in a great city where people and animals can live in peace, I've discovered that there are tons of cats in need of homes here. 

And then I found KitTea Cat Cafe, which was a perfect, precious experience for me. On that day I met Aunt Gail, a 15-year-old black and fluffy oldie-but-goldie, as well as Blinx, the funniest and happiest 2-year-old lady cat. Blinx's mom was sick when Blinx was born, when resulted in her having vision so poor she required eye surgery as a kitten. Even though her eyesight remains poor, she is the most playful and energetic cat at KitTea.

While I was feeding Aunt Gail and Blinx, I could see how timid the cats were in front of humans and how starving they were for love. Blinx's only need was a play partner and someone who could show her love. Giving them everything they need at that moment also gave me what I needed, love… 

Now, even though I can't provide to either Aunt Gail or Blinx a new home, I am proud of being a part of KitTea Cat Cafe as a volunteer and a foster cat mom of all their adorable kitties.

By Nevdil Cankaya, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Scott Doggett Nevdil, I wish this website allowed me to give your KiVi 10 "Likes" instead of just one, because this kindness story is so ... love-ly. I've been to Istanbul and your mention of the city's love of cats brings back fond memories of all the healthy feral cats I saw there. Where but in Istanbul can you say "Here kitty kitty" to a stray cat and it comes right up to greet you!?! And I like your KiVi because you touched one of my heartstrings with your description of the affect a cat can have on a visitor to a foreign land. Many are the times that a cat has made me feel at peace by allowing me to be its friend for a little while as I strayed thousands of miles from my home. And...thanks for turning me on to KitTea Cafe. I'll have to check it out. It appears to be only 2 miles from my home.
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